The ONLY ingredient in our Blazestone tile is recycled waste glass. NO new colorants or oxides or paints or metals are introduced. Industrial plate glasses, tempered window and door glass, and consumer bottles are each individually collected, sorted, and processed into glass sands, or frit. This frit is then specifically combined and fused together to create the unique colorways of Blazestone tile. Each piece contains variations of true organic colors, all from 100% recycled glass! We are always adding new information and updating our color gallery. Please contact us for more specific information on our tile.


upper row –   NEW Pewter, NEW Teal, Mineral Water
middle row – Honey, Celery, Reservoir Blue, Savannah
lower row –   Meadow, Denim, Forest


upper row –   NEW Teal Matte, Cedar, Spruce, Sand
middle row – Surf, Moss, Pond, Bark
lower row –   Cloud White, Fern, Turtle, Java


upper row –   Flame, Cranberry, Tomato Soup, Marmalade, Sunshine
middle row – Deep Blue Sea, Aqua Vida, Grass, Notre Dame, Gloss Black
lower row –   Lazure Blue, Cobalt, Caribbean Sky, Caribbean Reef, Zesty Lime

reservoir blue, teal, meadow, celery – CLICK image for a SUPER detail photo of tile

spectrum dust, european yellow, sunshine

NEW smoke – 100% recycled window glass. Click this image for a close up photo showing the quality of glass