How to Order

Blazestone is made to order to your specifications and can be ordered directly 
through Bedrock Industries. Blazestone tile can also be seen and ordered through one of the fine galleries listed below. Please visit 
our colors and shapes pages to see the full selection available. The gallery also illustrates a variety of design solutions to consider. Individual tiles 
may be purchased for sampling with no minimum order requirements be calling us toll free at (877) 283-7625. 
We offer a classic color kit for $45- plus shipping that includes all the matte and
 gloss colors in 2″x2″ sizes, plus a selection of shapes, we also offer a Watercolor Series sample kit for $45-. Please visit our online store to order these.

Please contact us for a brochure or to order.
Bedrock Industries, Seattle WA
(206) 283-7625