Bedrock Industries believes in living on earth responsibly and acknowledging that the planet’s resources are limited. That’s why we make all of our tiles by hand in our own plant from 100% recycled glass. When we say “100% recycled,” we mean just that — all of our tile is made from recycled glass only. We do not use pigment in our glass.
We are proud to say that we have recycled literally hundreds of tons of material that would otherwise have gone into landfills.
We use 100% recyclable materials for product packaging and shipping. We have established and continue to operate several community-based programs including a bottle drive, student tours of our plant and a special bottle drive for the parents and students of a local elementary school. Earnings from the school drive have helped to pay for student field trips and other educational activities.
Bedrock Industries is a for-profit business, which is the most exceptional thing of all. We are not a foundation or an agency. We work very hard to be a shining example of a for-profit organization with a total commitment to sustainability, good employment practices, and responsible community service practices. This is not the easiest way to operate, but it’s important to us to demonstrate that creative recycling can stand on its own right here in the United States.